Colorful Rainbow Smoothies


Doesn't this look cool?  First, when i saw this, i was like, "COOL! HOW THE HECK CAN SOMEONE DO THAT!?" 
I answered my question in less then a second. It's not really hard to do. It's not rocket science or anything. you just use food clotting that's all. 

First, you pour different food coloring in those ice thingies(I have no idea what it's called...i forgot :P) and you store them in the fridge until it's frozen solid. First, you place the orange ice cubes, then the red, then the yellow, then the green, then the blue, and then the normal ice cubes. Pour soda over the cup of colorful ice. and there you have it... a bubbly rainbow drink! So, do you guys like this?

Natural Rainbow Smoothies



Red Smoothie – Frozen Strawberries + Apple Juice

Orange Smoothie – Carrot Juice + Oranges + Ginger + Frozen Peaches

Yellow Smoothie – Frozen Pineapple + Frozen Banana + Pineapple Juice

Green Smoothie – Fresh Spinach + Fresh Kale + Frozen Peaches + Water/Ice

Blue(ish) Smoothie – Frozen Blueberries + Frozen Banana + Coconut Milk

Purple Smoothie – Frozen Blueberries + Frozen Blackberries + Frozen Cherries + Water

Combining all six of the smoothies creates a cheerful and vibrant rainbow smoothie full of nature’s colors, vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and protein.

These are very easy to make.

You can learn more of this from TheLivelyKitchen

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